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Light Sport Aircraft Repair & Inspections - Rotax Engines

Whether it is FAR 103 or Light Sport aircraft we have the equipment and experience to inspect, repair, or maintain Powered Parachutes, Trikes, and Fixed Wing.
Take a look at our Shop and
amenities that are available for our visiting pilots
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Most of the amenities are within walking distance from the airport

Brian McCallen
Light Sport Repairman Maintenance (PPC, AP, WSC)
Designated Airworthiness Representative (PPC, AP, WSC)
Sport Pilot (PPC, ASEL)
Light Sport Repair Services Inc
Full Time Authorized independent Rotax® Repair Centre

Brian & Nancy McCallen

Brian has been a Powered Parachute pilot since 1999; he became an advanced flight instructor in 2003 and has trained many new pilots over the years. He is currently pursuing his CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) for PPC’s. A qualified Sport Pilot with PPCL and ASEL ratings

Brian became a Light Sport Repairman with a maintenance rating (LSRM) for airplanes, powered parachutes and weight shift control in 2006.  Brian is one of the first Light Sport Repairman with a maintenance rating in the country.

In 1999 Brian started servicing Rotax® engines and in 2002 became a Rotax independent Repair Centre.  In 2003 Brian assembled PPC’s for Buckeye Aviation in Argos, IN.  In 2004 he built a T-bird; which he currently enjoys flying and is in the process of building a Titan Tornado.  Brian became a Designation Airworthiness Representative early 2006 for Airplanes, PPC’s, and WSC and has issued 300 Airworthiness certificates.                                

Brian is also a member of ASTM International Light Sport Aircraft Technical Committee F37. 

Brian is the owner of Light Sport Repair Services, Inc. He has a full time Light Sport Repair facility located at the Plymouth Indiana Municipal Airport (C65).


Light Sport Repair Services Inc
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